Getting My Goals in Order

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I was browsing my friend, Ian’s blog, and saw this post about a nifty little gadget he found online. Since I found out both about the Google Calendar AND LastFM from his blog, I figure I’ll listen when he says a web widget is cool.

This is something called “Joe’s Goals” and it simply tracks goals you set for yourself based on points. For Ian, his primary focus is on practicing music more, not that his keyboard skills need it mind you, but I too feel that I need more time with music. But, there are other things as well. I have things like exercise, eat a healthy meal, work on music, but the great thing about this goal system is it also allows you to track un-healthy goals like, for me, drinking soda, eating out or procrastinating.

For each positive or negative act, you simply put a checkmark on that day. Each goal is assinged points by the user and those points are talleyed and tracked using this:

Jeff's Personal Score Badge
This little tracker keeps a chart of how well I do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. That means you all get to bust me when I’m not doing well!  And I fully expect each of you to tell me.  Believe me, I need the motivation.

So, just check the little tracker on the page below my links and give me the stern talking to when I don’t follow through.

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