Fox Sports Xtra Asks: Where’s Waldo?

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Keith CalkinsAm I the only one who thinks Keith Calkins ripped off his turtle neck from either Waldo or Freddy Krueger?

And what is up with all the turtle necks anyway? I saw one on Texan broadcaster Mark Vandermeer during a feature segment Fox did on him. He was in his house in Houston. I’m thinking pipes and tweed jackets with elbow patches are next.

God forbid.

I have nothing against the turtle necks – though this red and black number to the right would’ve looked better as an off-the-shoulder blouse…with stirrup pants…in the 80’s…on a girl – but this trend of them being worn with impunity in public must stop.

It’s bad enough I heard Alan Alda do a character voice on The Family Guy tonight. The last thing we need are a bunch of sensitive, college professors running around on TV. The first time I see a guy wearing a cable knit turtle neck a la Robert Sutherland in Animal House out in public, I’m heading for the hills with a bucket o’ chickin’ wings and all the porn I can carry.

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