Finally Catching Up

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I’m finally catching up to recap my weekend. It was pretty busy and, frankly, I’m having a hard time getting back into the swing of the week. I’m probably just lazy. No…wait…yes, I’m lazy.

Anyway, did a gig Friday night with the orange band at Rudyard’s. Good turnout and we had a really good show. The new drummer is terrific. It was pretty damn fun.

I took a few “Before the Show” photos like this one:

Pre-Show Glow

But, Katya actually got the best photos including one of me that I actually like. A pic of me I like? Go figure.

Yes, yes, I know I look moody and Jesus-y.

I was WORN OUT on Saturday. I’d put in some classically stupid movie line like, “I’m getting too old for this shit,” but it’s not worth it. I ended up pretty much lounging on Saturday, which was good.

Sunday, Katya and I watched the abyssmal Texans game and then had an early dinner with her brother, who is a very nice guy. Between the discussion of 80’s metal bands and the incessant quoting of Woody Allen movies, I’d say we had quite a bit in common.

Since then, it has been the watching of the new TV shows for the season. Studio 60 continues to be great as does Vanished. The premeier of Heroes was last night and it was phenomenal. It reminded me a little of early versions of the X Files with better production value.

Monday night is packed with good shows. God bless the DVR.

So, that’s it for me. I’m back to work as usual now, which really means I’m back to surfing the net and acting busy for no one but myself. I’m kind of a taskmaster.

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