Fauxhawks, Stunting and Overheard Weirdness

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Rebecca and I had breakfast this morning and then went to the Galleria. Pretty much a normal Saturday morning. I’m taking care of her boyfriend’s cat while they are out of town, so I went to meet him.

What we found when we were out were some oddities that I wanted to put in my blog.

First, I should mention that to remember these, I wanted to write them down in the parking garage at the Galleria on the way out. The problem was that there was a line of cars wanting my spot, so I asked Rebecca to write them on the back of a receipt, which looked like this when finished:

1. Fauxhawk
2. I’m not stunted, I’ve been growing contantly.
3. Why do you call your ass “Charlie”?

Now, one of these was a fabrication by her. Can you guess which? Given that I don’t and have never referred to my ass as Charlie, your safe bet is number 3.

Anyway, to cover the first two items on the list:


The “fauxhawk” is a new hair style mostly among men. It is where generally normal guys take their relatively short hair, gel it and smash it towards the center of their heads into a peak like a wannabe mohawk.

I don’t get this style at all. You see it everywhere. So, it is know and forever known as the fauxhawk because it is simply a weak attempt at a mohawk.

I thought that maybe we had something here with the name, but a Google search revealed the name was already in use. Oh, well, no fame and fortune in the fashion hair business for me. Sigh.

“I’m not stunted. I’ve been growing consistently.”

Did you ever notice that catching just a small snippet of a conversation can end up in the weirdest lines of dialogue? This is one of those.

A girl, I’m guessing no more than 11 or 12, was talking to her parents apparently about coffee and how her drinking habits could stunt her growth. Given her father’s grin, he was no doubt joking.

That line was her response. I like the fact that she says she has been growing “consistently,” as if you could grow a little at a time anyway.

Funny stuff.

Ok, lastly, what is the freakin’ deal with the short flared pants on women with boots. Rebecca asked me if I thought that was a good look and I responded, “Yeah, if you live in the early part of the 20th century in Africa and you are accompanying your rich British husband on a safari, then sure. It’s great.”

When did English Patient Chic come into vogue? Weird.

Ok, that’s my ramblings about my mornings. Oh, and guys, try to remember that fanny packs are never flattering, especially with shorts and shoes with black socks. Yikes.

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