Exhaustion Isn’t Just Physical

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My friends have said I don’t sound good. I tend to agree. Fourty hours in a small room listening to the same songs over and over in four days will do that to you.

The result is some great sounding music, but damn am I tired.

I spent almost the entire week out at Chris’s last week finishing up the orange is in CD. We poured in overtime on Saturday and Sunday doing 12-hour days to get finished.

Everything is sounding amazing and we are really happy with it.

I went to Sugar Hill today to start mixing and Steve Christensen just told me his ears were too fried to work. We figured out a schedule to meet our deadlines and I headed home. To be honest, I really respect that decision. It shows that he is mostly concerned with the quality of the recording process and I’m happy we did it.

It also gave me a three-hour nap I probably needed badly and I feel quite a bit better (the Astros notwithstanding).

So, I head in tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with a trip to Dallas sandwiched in between and a trip to Austin Monday to do the mastering.

I’m excited to get this CD done because I’m very proud of the work we’ve done, but also because I’d like to have at least some of my life back. Making this has helped me realize that I will not do it like this next time. Next time, I’ll get help and we’ll space out the time more evenly and consistently to make it easier on everyone.

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