Evacuating for Hurricane Rita

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You know, I’m alternately fascinated and terrified by hurricanes. They are powerful and really a miracle of nature. But they are also destructive and deadly.

Fortunately, we all have time to get out of the way, but that doesn’t help the sinking feeling you get thinking about it. I’ll be well north of town all weekend and my information is in this blog.

I’m going to be staying out at my mom’s in Montgomery, Texas, about 110 miles north of the coastline. We should see some wind and rain up there, but nothing like a cat 4 coming into our backyard.

The server that hosts this website and my email are not located in Texas, so they will be fine during the storm. Feel free to send emails or post comments here. I plan to be up as much of the storm as possible.

I have two battery backups and my laptop. Assuming Roadrunner stays active during the storm, I’ll have the power for the modem and the computer and I hope to give reports of how things are going.

For all of you in the path of Rita, please stay safe and get out if you feel unsafe. This is a dangerous storm and we all need to be super careful.


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