Elections are Just Crazy

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It’s hard not to pay attention today. I can’t say that I am a die-hard supporter of any candidate or cause in this election. I have my favorites and all, but the buzz on the street is tangible. People are excited about voting and that is something.

It’s an odd year. Some are predicting 60 percent voter turnout. We haven’t had that amount since 1960! Exit polling is showing John Kerry faring well so far, but early vote was monsterous and always favors both the incumbent and the GOP, so this thing is WAY to close to call.

Then there is the media coverage, which is likely be be more than surreal. I’ll watch the Daily Show’s coverage on Comedy Central because it will not only be likely the best coverage, but the funniest. At least they will MEAN to be funny.

If I had to put my own money on it, I’d put it on Kerry. That’s just a gut reaction and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Bush won a second term.

Personally, I hope it doesn’t come down to lawyers and re-counts. Just get it done tonight and move on.

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