Downtown Houston at Night

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I love shooting photos at night. There is something really interesting about how everything looks when shot in glimmer of night lighting with long exposure. Katya and I went downtown for a bit tonight and walked along Buffalo Bayou under Interstate 45.

The result was a batch of interesting shots including one black and white – something I have rarely done in the past with night shots.

Black and White Night

I’m not sure if I’ve ever done an night shot like this in black and white, but it just suited the picture with the over saturated lights and the cool reflection. Plus, it brought out the detail on the bank nicely.

Night Light

I loved this in the camera. The contrast between the street lamp backed by the underside of the freeway and the blue-tinted sky behind the skyline just felt right.

Bright Frame

When I first learned how to shoot, my dad talked to me a lot about framing. He loved to find a shot framed between overhanging limbs or even a telephone pole. I think that has always stayed with me and I’m always looking for those types of frames in nature like these trees in this one. The light is just a bonus.

There’s one other one here if you care to check it out.

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