Don’t You…Forget About How Hideous This Is

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The cast of The Breakfast Club re-united for the taping of the MTV Video Movie Awards. Yes, even post-roid Anthony Michael Hall. I guess it could’ve been worse. They could’ve re-united the cast of St. Elmo’s Fire. Then Demi would bring Ashton who wasn’t born when the movie was made and Andrew McCarthy would still look the same age as he did when the movie came out.

But, I don’t think any of us were expecting this…

What in God’s name happened to Judd Nelson? The guy should be Desperately Seeking a Stylist! I know it is MTV, but, dude, you are freaking me out!

At least Lacey Chabert was there to make me feel like a total perv. Is it just me, or does everyone feel creepy when a child actor who was kinda cute at 12 shows up looking like this later in life?

What’s next? Will Winnie from the Wonder Years pose for Stuff Magazine with the same face but a grown up body? Why, yes, yes she will.

Somewhere, Kevin is crying. Oh, my eyes!

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