Don’t Believe Everything You Read

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I am amazed to this day how many people fall for email hoaxes. If it isn’t “the government to charge postage for email,” it is “my dog died from Swiffer Wet Jet.”

Thank God for Snopes, the internet site built on debunking urban myths and legends.

This was prompted by an email I got from my aunt via my father who told of the dangers of Swiffer Wet Jet to animals. According to the email, a woman’s neighbor’s dog died of kidney and liver failure from ingesting the fluid from a cleaning product. A quick parusal of both Snopes and Google determined that this was false.

According to the ASPCA, nothing in the fluid could possibly cause any of the problems described in the email. Snopes went on further to thoroughly trounce the rumor even mentions a strkingly similar email hoax aimed at clothing freshener Febreeze.

Both products were made by parent company, Proctor & Gamble and there is reason to believe a disgruntled worker may be involved in both. Surprise, surprise.

So, the moral of this story is not to believe everything you read, particularly in email and, when in doubt, go look it up on the internet. I mean, that is why Al Gore invented it in the first place!

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