Doin’ the Celtic Thang in Corpus Christi

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I’m headed out today to Corpus Christi to play some Celtic music with the folks from Paisley Close. This appears to be my final gig with them as Cid’s brother will be replacing me for the next show sometime in September.

I haven’t been to Corpus in a few years so it will be fun to get back especially since I have Saturday to myself and can get out to shoot pictures.

PC is a fun band and I’ve had a good time playing with them. It’s a little bittersweet in that I enjoy the playing, but I know I need time too. With two primary bands, it just gets tough sometimes to find time for a third.

I will say that part of me wishes I were hanging in Houston this weekend. I’ve got lots to do around the house and people I wouldn’t mind hanging out with, but I’m sure the gigs will be fun and I’ll get tons of pictures for the gallery.

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