DIE! or Why I Hate Morning DJ’s

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There is very little that is appealing about the radio any more. Whether it is Clear Channel monopolizing and homogonizing the industry or the constant repeating of the same 100 songs over and over, commercial radio sucks. But, one aspect of radio is particularly annoying to me – morning, drive-time dj’s.

This morning, I read the earth-shattering news that Sam Malone is leaving KRBE to join KTRH. Oh, the tragedy!

Ever since the days of the original Hudson and Harrigan (who became Stevens and Pruett and were replaced by the H&H that ended up on a country station) and Moby & Matthews in the morning, morning show talk on music stations has blown chunks.

Today, we are spared Moby and Matthews and Moby left for, what, Nashville (?) and Matthews turned conservative freak and is now serving a sentence for indecency with a child. Nice.

Stevens and Pruett were split up, but I think Jim Pruett made it back onto the re-hased KLOL – now 97.5.

Anyway, Malone, a veritable institution on morning drive-time radio sadly, is leaving Maria Todd (Robin Quivers lite) and KRBE to do news commentary on KTRH. I was going to say here that Malone was highly annoying on KRBE and I’m glad he’s leaving. I was going to say that the very few times my radio was accidentally tuned to their station in the morning, I wanted to punch myself in the eye. I was going to say all of that, but the thought of Malone doing news commentary makes me even more queezy than hearing him make jokes about TV shows.

I’m not sure what the appeal of the morning drive talk show is. I don’t know why people want to hear weak attempts at comedy and bathroom humor on their way to work. Who the hell invented the idea of turning a music station into amateur comedy hour in the morning anyway?

Anyway, Malone is on his way out to KTRH and I’d like to say that the morning is a safer place but chances are he’ll be replaced by someone worse and we still have to hear him on the radio but now doing politics. I may never turn on the radio again.

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