Demo Time

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Seems like I’m doing a lot of demos lately. It’s fun to do and all, just seems strange they are happening all at once.

Ok, so I’m doing demos for both SlapShifter and both orange is in and I get that. We both need decent demos to go out and get gigs. Plus, with all of our guitarist, Chris’, new studio gear, it makes it easy.

My Premier drumkit is sounding freakin’ awesome. Maybe it is Lessa – probably – but it does sound great.

Funny playing so much fretless on a recording. I’ve never done this much but I must admit I really enjoy it.

Anyway, now I’m going to produce a demo/ep for my brother-in-law, Peter Scafidi. He is a very talented singer-songwriter so it should be fun. Plus, picking out the right musicians for this gig will be interesting. He has some decent guys around him, but I’d really like a little more studio experience to save time and $$$.

The only non-demo I’ve done recently was some tracks I laid down for both Stacey Steger & the Satellites. I was kind of surprised at how good it came out, not because she isn’t talented (she is), but because Leesa and I didn’t know the songs and managed to knock them off in a night. Nice.

Stacey’s stuff reminds me a little of both Liz Phair’s early stuff like Exile in Guyville. It rocks, but it is pretty folksy.

I guess it is back to demo-land for me for a while. The good thing is that we’ll all have great sounding stuff to give to clubs. At least then we’ll know when they tell us we suck, it won’t be the recording quality!

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