Day 8: On the Road Again…

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I’m posting this (and the others – you can see I’m getting back to the blog) from my hotel in Tucson, Arizona. I had a great drive from San Francisco of about 14 hours including 2 stops for sit-down food. I really didn’t stop much other than that to try and get as far as I could.

I’m staying in the same hotel – it worked the first time, so why not – and planning on hitting it early enough to get up around 5am. I’m expecting to be about 15 hours on the road tomorrow. Add the 2 hours that will be added with the time zone change and I’ll need to leave as early as possible.

It’s been a terrific vacation. I had a blast and am looking forward to getting home. I’m going to post the last of my pictures to my Flickr site tonight.

Sorry to hear about all the rain in Houston. I drove the desert most of the day today with the highest temperatures at 113 degrees, so it was hard to imagine gray skies and flooding but I’m sure I’ll see all that soon enough.

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