Day 6 & 7: It’s a Wrap

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Finally getting caught up on the past day and a half. I had a nice evening yesterday just hanging around Berkley with Ange, Collen and their friend, Ellie. We ate at a cool Chinese place and played a little Scene It. Very mellow.

I was going to get up early and go to Golden Gate, but I realized that I really needed the sleep. Good move. I slept late and that felt good.

Ange and I headed into SF later in the morning for lunch and pictures. After quite a time trying to park, we went to the North Beach area to have some Italian food. We ate at a sidewalk cafe called Pinnochios. Great ravioli and chocolate mousse. Mmmmm…

While we were there, our mutual friend, Jeannine, stopped by to hang out. It was the first time I had met her in person and it was great to catch up. Afterward, Ange and I went down to the North Beach festival – think Houston International Festival – and people watched for a while. We saw a crazy 80’s cover band and tons of people dancing and acting nuts.

We ended up in the Mission district walking some more before we met up with Collen and headed south to Palo Alto to see The Black Crowes with Drive by Truckers and Robert Randolph & the Family Band.

We didn’t see the Truckers and only caught the last two songs of Randolph, who was great. The Crowes were definitely in Woodstock mode doing a LOT of really trippy stuff. I joked that their set was an hour and 45 minutes and they only did 14 songs, but that may not be all that far from the truth.

Just got back here a few minutes ago and I’m about ready for bed so I can be up bright and early to get on the road. I’ll post again from Tucson tomorrow night. It’s been an amazing trip, but I’m about ready to get back to H-Town.

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