Day 5: It’s A Long Walk, A Long Walk Back

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With many thanks to Danny Wilde for the lyrical title, day five of my road trip to California was fun and tiring. I got up fairly early and made my way from Ange and Collen’s house near Berkley to downtown San Francisco.

I decided to go to Ghirradelli Square and just mill about from there. Yeah, it’s touristy, but good photo ops abounded. I ate at the Buena Vista Cafe and it was delicious. They apparently invented Irish coffee in this place. Who knew?

I then started walking and walking and walking and walking. I estimate I put in 5-6 miles going up and down steep streets of SF from the waterfront up to Chinatown and back down the Embarcadero. Great exercise and a resulting mild sunburn were both part of the equation.

I got back to Ange’s around 4:30pm and we immediately turned back around to go into the city for food. We ate at a nice Thai restaurant – good tofu. Then, we went to a coffee shop in the Latin part of SF before going to see Nacho Libre (appropriate).

Nacho Libre was hilarious. Jack Black is so nuts.

Afterward, we drove up to the top of the Twin Peaks, the highest point in SF. The view was absolutely incredible and I’d have enjoyed it more if I weren’t terrified of heights. 🙂 Oh, well, what I saw was amazing.

Now, I’m back at the house and about to play around with some of the photos from today. I’ll definitely have them up tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I think that will be a trip to Haight Ashbury and then a little tool around Berkley. Should be fun.

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