Day 4: When the Lights Go Down in the City

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Day four was great. I spent quite a bit of time in Sacramento taking pictures – all have been posted. Thanks to Katya, I had a solid list of very cool places to see.

First was the Sacramento Zoo. About a third the size of the Houston Zoo, it was still really beautiful. The parks surrounding it were amazing. I picked the perfect day to be in Sacramento with highs in the high 70’s. Tomorrow, it is supposed to be 97!

After the zoo, I drove through Sacramento’s oldest cemetary. There are graves there from the early 1800’s. Fascinating stuff.

I then headed over to the state capital to check out the building and the downtown area in general. Really lovely parks and shops surrounding the capital and the building itself is impressive. I couldn’t help but shake my head when I saw Ahnold’s office. Hilarious. Loads of great pictures and a pleasant walk.

By late afternoon, I was ready to head to San Francisco. It’s a pretty short drive and my friend, Ange, lives between Berkley and Oakland on the north end of the Bay Area. I was driving in that way and it made it convenient. The view driving in of the Pacific, downtown SF and the Golden Gate Bridge was really spectacular.

We settled in, had some dinner and watched an El Santo movie. Basically, bad Mexican B-movies starring a famous wrestler. Awesome.

I’m off to bed and I hope to do a little tooling around downtown SF tomorrow. Loads to see and great weather for it. Nacho Libre opens tomorrow night and we’re definitely going to that. Sweet.

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