Day 1: Long, Successful First Day

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As I write this, I am laying in my hotel bed in Tucson, Arizona after a 16-hour day on the road that started at 6am. Surprisingly, it was much easier than anticipated. I’m still pretty awake.

I took some photos along the way and created a Flickr gallery called California Road Trip 2006 where you can see pics I’m taking. I just put up a few from today, but more to come.

The slowest stretch for me was between Ft. Stockton and El Paso. Bad cell service, no radio stations and boring terrain. The rest was fairly easy. Just made 3 gas stops and one 10 minute break to rest my eyes and I was good.

Bringing food with me was a very smart idea if I do say so myself. It made things easier and faster.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Mammoth Lakes, California. A little birde 🙂 told me that the pass to Yosemite is still shut down with snow. WTF? Mammoth is beautiful and I’ll have plenty to do there. Now, just to figure out how to get to San Francisco when leaving there. Hmmm…

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