Crazy Weekend to End a Couple Crazy Weeks

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There are days when I start to feel old. I’ve had a few of those the past couple of weeks. Here’s hoping the next couple will slow down.

Friday night was very quiet, thankfully. I watched the Rockets preseason game. Man, I love that basketball season is starting. This is so completely my favorite time of year. The day on Friday was so nice out with just spectacular weather. Katya and I went out and rounded up the things we needed for her photo gig on Saturday.

I picked up a couple of reflector umbrellas and stands. I also borrowed my dad’s Nikon SB800. I hooked the two of them up remotely to the D70 and, with the umbrellas, I was SHOCKED at how amazing the light was. In a pretty dimly lit room, I got photos that looked like model studio shots. Wow!

Saturday was sort of a comedy of errors. We were going to shoot a quincenera that lasted about 8 hours. Katya lost her spare camera batter, so I ran to Camera Co-Op to get one. I also picked up a couple new cards including a 4GB for me. Got back home to find out that it was the wrong battery for her camera. DOH!

Back to Camera Co-Op, got the right battery and came home. We got to the girl’s house early and took some photos then followed them to the church near downtown. The grandfather was leading the way and driving hella fast. Made it to the church and all went well before and after the ceremony though we were rushed for time.

After the ceremony, we headed for the reception not to far down the Eastex Freeway. At this point, I realized something was wrong with my 4GB card and images were missing. Uh oh. I was going to get out my laptop, but I forgot the card reader. DAMN! So, I rushed home to dump the card along with several Katya sent along.

I managed to salvage all but about 30 photos and re-formatted the card. It was not a problem the rest of the night. Then, Katya calls and says she needs me to get back soon because the batteries on her flash have died and I have all the extras. Yikes! Her flash eats batteries like crazy. She went through like 4 sets of 4 double A batteries in one 8-hour shoot. I went through 2 sets but probably would’ve been ok with just the one set. They were just starting to lose juice.

The family and the people at the quincenera were SO nice. Really great, well-behaved group of kids as well. We took, literally, almost 2000 photos. Katya is sorting through them all and still trying to finish out the wedding shots from last weekend. Photo shoots are fun, but I need a rest. 🙂

We were both exhausted after getting home around 11:30 – 8 hours after getting started.

Sunday, we got up and watched the Texans get just dismantled by the Cowboys. Did I mention I’m glad basketball season has started? I was feeling a little tired today, but my band had a gig tonight, so I needed to get up for that. The weather has been sucksville too.

This weekend, I’ve also been taking care of Rebecca’s krittas while she was out of town at her boyfriend’s sister’s wedding…in Vegas. She HATES LV, so I know she was thrilled to get back. No doubt the kitties will be glad to see her.

Our gig tonight was fun. We had a lot of energy and basically rocked the casbah. The other bands – El Orbits, John Evans Band and Southern Backtones were all great. Well, technically, I didn’t see the Backtones. I wanted to get home. But, they are usually great.

I found out that Evans lost his bass player and guitarist who both quit last week. They were young and wanted to have success more quickly than John could provide from what I hear. Sounds a lot like what happened to Michael Hagga a year ago. Funny how his former bandmates haven’t done all that great without him.

You know, that’s just youth. When I was in my mid-20’s, I was ridiculously loyal, but I understand that wander lust and that impatience. It’s probably worse today given how society encourages us to demand everything right now. Reminds me of the Willy Wonka song in the original 70’s movie sung by the character of Veruca Salt – I want the world…I want the whole world…give it to me now…I want it NOW!

Age gives you patience and gout, but that’s a different story.

Overall, a fun weekend, but VERY busy. I’m looking foward to a weekend off.

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