Crazy Day Turns Out Excellent Results

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Yesterday morning through this morning was simply crazy. I’ve been going 100mph for 24 hours and had moments where I literally thought everything was going to be totally screwed up.

But, alls well that ends well I guess because everything worked out and may have even gotten better as a result of the craziness.

I’m sure you all get bored of these recounts of my days, but it helps me so, if you don’t like it…well, piss off. 🙂

I was up early and working yesterday. I spent a good part of the day working on getting the business moved to another server. We had an issue with a MAJOR client that freaked me the hell out. Fortunately, it was resolved fairly quickly.

In the afternoon, I headed to Chris’s to get some work done on the CD. I needed to dump all the tracks from his computer to a hard drive to take to Sugar Hill on Tuesday (or so I thought) for violin sessions.

I broght a 120GB drive thinking the power cable on it was the same as the 60GB I already had out at Chris’s. Wrongo. So, we cleaned up a little space on the 60GB and I used that.

It took about 3 hours to get all the tracks squared away and I took off back to the house of course forgetting to get my speaker cabinet that I will need for Wednesday night (or so I thought).

Before I left, I got a call from Josh, our engineer at the studio. Here is the conversation basically:

Jeff: Hello.
Josh: Hey, Jeff, it’s Josh.
Jeff: Hey, bud, how’s it going.
Josh: Not too bad. Just wanted to confirm we were set for tonight.
Jeff: silence
Jeff: Uh, no for TOMORROW night.
Josh: No, I have you guys for 9:30 tonight and 9:30 tomorrow night, the 10th and 11th.
Jeff: I have it in my calendar as the 11th and 12th.

Oh, damn. The studio was booked Wednesday and we have to mix next week. Yikes. I talked it over with Amy and we decided to just go Monday night after our photo shoot. In fact, it worked out better because it leaves us Wednesday through Sunday to finish up work on the CD before mixdown on Monday.

Crisis number 2 of the day averted.

I get home and start getting clothes together for the shoot. I know that I have to bring a bunch of stuff because I seem to outfit virtually everyone. Two of my shirts, one of my jackets and three pairs of my shoes were worn for the shoot and NONE OF THEM BY ME! 🙂

Amy gets to my house at 6pm and we wait on Leesa. Nothing. I call her and can’t get her. She JUST got a cell phone the week prior – miracle – so I manage to raise her on it. Here is THAT conversation:

Leesa: Hey, Jeff, what’s up?
Jeff: Nothing. Uh, what are you up to?
Leesa: Nothing. Just running errands.
Jeff: Um, you are coming tonight, right?
Leesa: Coming where?
Jeff: To the photo shoot…you know, with Leland?
Leesa: Photo shoot?
Jeff: Yeah, you were supposed to meet me at my house at 6pm.
Leesa: OH FUCK!!! OH MY GOD!!! (continued screaming and cursing) I TOTALLY FORGOT!

Oy. So, she races home and I give her directions to the studio. Great.

Amy and I caravan right into traffic at 59 and Kirby where all the lights were out. We’re stuck there for nearly half an hour and, as a result, we’re late.

Turns out, since Leesa was late too, it worked out.

Crisis number 3 averted.

We get to the studio and do the photo shoot. All went very well and I even got a shot of just me while Leland was testing the lighting:

I’m a handsome devil, damnit. 🙂

After the shoot, Amy and I headed to Sugar Hill and worked from 10pm to 2:30am on tracks. She did great and we only have a few more left tonight. I crawled into bed around 3:30am.

Up at 9am this morning, I find out that our hosting company made a HUGE mistake and nearly lost all the data for two of our biggest clients.

Literally, for two hours, my business partner and I are in a freakin’ dead panic. Turns out, they were less than an hour away from erasing the server with all the info on it and we JUST caught them and got the situation fixed.

Crisis number 4 averted.

Ok, that’s too many crises in a 24-hour period. I’d like to believe the next couple weeks will be less eventful, but I’m not holding my breath.

More updates as they happen. 🙂

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