Crazy Ass Week of Travel for Bass Boy

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The past few weeks have been busy with gigs, but this week is really crazy with trips all over the place for gigs. I’m looking forward to the playing. I just wish our wonderful friends in the oil production industry didin’t decide that Spring Break and summertime were the best times to raise gas prices to $2 a gallon.

No rants about gas prices…argh.

Wednesday this week, I’m off to Austin for a one-night stand (no, not that variety) with orange is in at The Vibe on Sixth Street. We’re doing a 45-minute set after convincing the guy to let us in on a Wednesday.

He told us that, “Bands from Houston don’t go over so well on Sixth Street.” WTF? I felt like asking, “Um, ok, well what about fifth?”

I’ll get back in the wee hours of the morning Thursday and turn around about 36 hours later to head for Gonzales, Louisiana just outside of New Orleans to play in a Celtic Festival there with Paisley Close. The gig is Saturday afternoon and Leesa (my drummer) and I are heading back immediately afterward.

I was thinking what would be fun would be to get booked at an Irish Music Festival and do nothing but U2 covers. I mean, they’re Irish!

Anyway, that’s a pretty busy week. It gets crazier at the end of May when it looks like I could be in Dallas for two days, come back and immediately to do a show the next day then do a show two days later before a gig that next weekend (4 days after that). Whew!

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