Classic Headline of the Week

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I love when editors at newspapers and media outlets decide it would be funny to do a goofy headline. The folks at got sassy this week. What makes it even funnier is the fact that they decided to change it I guess because it was too provocative. Boo!

There are so many things that make this headline and story funny. Enjoy!

Original Headline:

Dick to Replace Johnson Versus Gamecocks

I mean, how can you beat that??!!

The freshman quarterback with the last name Dick. The previous quarterback with the last name Johnson. And their next game is against the South Carolina Gamecocks. I don’t make this up.

Even better, the coach for Arkansas (the Dick and Johnson team) is named…and I did NOT fabricate this…Houston Nutt! AWESOME!!!

A few exerpts from the story…

Dick has impressed his coaches…

Nutt said Dick deserves a chance…

Nutt said Dick has…”done very, very well.”

I mean, wow…just wow!

The new story headline is different…sadly, but finding the original headline made it all worth it.

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