Circumcision: The Gay Cure?

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Oh, how I love Dear Abby. Today, a grandmother in Missouri writes:

Dear Abby:

I have reason to believe that a young man in my family may be gay (he is 15).

I have been thinking a lot about it lately, and have been wondering if circumcision would cure it. What do you think?

I think you’ve solved what clergy and psychotic doctors have been trying to fix for years with brainwashing techniques and Bible-based admonition. Congrats, granny. You did it!

I always knew there was a reason I was so NOT gay. Thanks to the doctors and to my parents for choosing the wise, un-gay course of circumcision for me. I’m living proof of not-gayness as a result of the removal of foreskin.


Abby responds in typical Abby-like fashion.

Homosexuality is not an illness, and therefore there is no need for a “cure.” I predict that your family will be happier if you accept your relative exactly the way he is, love him, support him, and stop trying to think of ways to cure him.

Atta girl, Abs. You keep preachin’ it, sister.

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