Chron Covers the Death of Local Singer

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As I mentioned yesterday, a friend and great local singer/songwriter was lost to a recent illness. The Houston Chronicle did something rarely seen in its pages – it covered the passing, something usually reserved for much more well-known artists and celebrities. Thanks to Sare Cress for being so close to the local scene.

This is something unique but, if anyone deserved it, Tim did.

Tim McGlashen, frontman for Houston band the Buddhacrush, died Tuesday; he was 49…

“Tim was a fantastic musician, but an even better person,” said Jeff Balke, bassist for Houston band orange is in. “His passion for his own art was surpassed only by his genuine compassion for his friends and musical family. He will be sorely missed.”

[Drummer Danny] Lee’s wife, Mary, added, “Tim was always working on other projects. He would take other singer-songwriters under his wing, he produced and recorded. He touched a lot of people in that regard.”

The Buddhacrush is no stranger to tragedy. In 2002, its first drummer, Joseph Jackson, died of a heart attack during a rehearsal.

“It felt like musical chairs for a while, but the band just kept on going,” McGlashen said earlier this year. “I thought things couldn’t last long the way it was, but in a lot of ways the band got better and stronger than before.”

McGlashen was a passionate performer and the frenetic focal point of the Buddhacrush’s live show.

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