Chron Continues Hurricane Terror Watch 2005

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Man, do these guys ever let it go? After their preemptory strick regarding the upcoming report from the state relating to hurricane preparedness attempted to scare the holy hell out of every man, woman and child within 500 miles of Galveston, they are back with more.

The top stories on the Chron today:

How Well Do Other States Prepare for Devastating Hurricanes?
The Lessons of Carla May Be Forgotten
Carla Took 11 Members of One Family
Reporter Remembers Riding Out “The Great Storm”

That first story comes with the bold-faced, all capital text at the top of the page: THE BIG ONE. Now, either the Chron is taken a cue from the Houston Press and has decided to fill ad space with strippers, massage parlors and porn hotlines, or they are just being silly. It would be more fun if it were the former. Well, it would at least be more entertaining.

Here is the kicker for all of this coverage of what a large hurricane might mean to the Houston area. Despite all of the Fear Factor tactics, here is what the report from the state is supposedly going to say…

An upcoming report by Gov. Rick Perry’s Office of Emergency Management is expected to say that the Houston-Galveston area is largely prepared for a major hurricane, but will acknowledge that some improvements are needed.

That was buried inside at least a couple stories they’ve run on the killer hurricane that could swallow the Gulf Coast of Texas.

As I said before, I’m all for being prepared, but hurricane hysteria is, as Scarlet said in Four Weddings and a Funeral, “stupid and pointless.” Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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