Celtic Music for the Masses

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Had another gig with Paisley Close tonight. This is the band I play in with Amy, the violinist from orange is in. Leesa also sat in tonight. It’s a funny music because it is Celtic and not something I’m necessarily used to but we play it pretty damn rockin’ and anything Leesa and I do is usually pretty solid.

The first few bars Leesa and I ever played together was back in February of 2004. We had a first rehersal with what is now Slapshifter. Literally two bars into the song, we looked at each other like, “Where the hell have you been?” We had instant musical chemistry.

Now, whenever we play together, people assume we’ve been playing together for years and years. We just are so locked in to rock music and that is a great feeling.

The Celtic thing is fun. I enjoy doing it when it comes up. I’m trying to be really judicious about the gigs I take at the moment for the simple fact that I know I could end up like I was back in the mid-90’s with six or seven different projects and a gig or rehersal every day.

As it is, this week I had a gig tonight, rehersal tomorrow, rehersal Thursday, gig Friday, rehersal Sunday, rehersal Monday, rehersal Tuesday, rehersal Wednesday, gig Saturday, gig Sunday! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Fortunately, that will be it for a while. I’m looking forward to a little time off between shows. orange is in will be recording but, somehow, that seems far less strenuous.

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