Cell Phone in the Garbage Can

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You know, there are just very few things that are as annoying as dropping something you don’t want to drop. It is even more annoying when you drop it in a place you do NOT want it to go. In Austin a couple months back, I dropped my cell phone down a storm sewere grate. My friend retreived it. This is worse.

I have one of those big black plastic City of Houston garbage cans. I admit it. I have abused it. The thing has been a workhorse.

Recently, for what reason I have no idea, the lid of the can got smushed in. This annoys me. I really can’t say why. I guess I’m a fan of symmetry or something. Anyway, it bothered me.

So, I go to throw something out on my way back from the post office. I’m carrying my keys, an envelope and my cell phone. I decide that I will punch the bottom of the lid with my fist. My keys are in my hand and my cell and the envelope are in my other hand holding the lid.

I know. This already sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Hindsight and all.

Anyway, I nail the lid with my fist and not only does the lid stay right where it is, my cell phone goes right down into the trash. Oh, the joy.

Fortunately, there are only a couple small plastic bags in the can and nothing wet – ewwww. But, the can is too big for me to reach down into it. I have to flp the thing on its side and crawl inside to get the phone. Good grief.

Well, I got the phone back. That’s the good news. And, I fixed the garbage can because I was sufficiently pissed when the ordeal was done that I knocked the living crap out of the lid and got it back in order. Ah, alls well that ends well. Now, if I can just get the kitty litter out of my phone.

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