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Things I Love: A Good Quote

Every Thursday, I post about the things that I love, and God only knows what those things might be. Anyone who knows me has probably wanted to slap me in the face at least once for my prolific quoting of movies, lyrics, famous sayings, books, bathroom wall graffiti, dog barks, car alarms and other important noises. I started to wonder… Read more →

New Forbidden Words 2.0

It’s tough to imagine one article containing a list of buzzwords so foul they require an entire blog post, but sometimes, shit just happens. Matt Groening used to publish a list of “Forbidden Words” for the new year. Those lists included words and phrases like “win-win,” “upskirt,” “leverage,” “booty call” and “paradigm.” Groening would have LOVED this article from AdAge.… Read more →

Use Your Big Boy Words

Language is our friend. It helps us to curse at people and say sarcastic things behind their backs. It gives us the ability to tell our children how much they’ve disappointed us and our partners that our love for them has grown dry like a cactus in the heart of the desert. See how poetic that is! Language is so… Read more →