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Mickey Rourke v. Chris Jerico in Houston???

UPDATE: Thanks, Dwight Silverman (or dsilv as I like to call him), for the note that Rourke has backed out. I’d call him a wuss if I weren’t terrified of him. I don’t watch wrestling, nor do I care about wrestling or even like to use the word “wrestle,” which makes me feel sort of wrestless…hmmm…anyway, Mickey Rourke told some… Read more →

Spreading Some Christmas TV Cheer

You ever thought, “Damnit, I wish I hadn’t missed A Charlie Brown Christmas.  My Tivo broke and I’m going to have to heave it out the windo, I’m so pissed.  All it had to do was record Charlie freaking Brown!  I hate technology!!!” Much like Scrooge and Christmas, you didn’t miss it no matter how many “spirits” visited you last… Read more →

Mmmm…Juicy Fruit

“Take a sniff. Pull it out. The taste is gonna move ya when you pop it in your mouth.” How could anyone resist? I remember thinking this was dirty when it came out…nevermind trying to catch it on tape so I could see the girl with the big boobs take her shirt off over and over. What? I was like… Read more →

Janice Dickinson: 12 Days of Terror…er…Christmas

Yeah, THAT Janice Dickinson, the frightening, overly-botoxed, self-proclaimed first American tranny supermodel. He It She sings…if you can call it that. I listened and got the lyrics so you don’t have to go through the pain…and it was painful. You should thank me. Better yet, buy me presents. Fledgling modeling agency. Two giant breasts. Three former husbands. Four Italian suits.… Read more →

Free to Be You and Me Online

Any child of the 70’s must’ve seen this at least once.  It was like the first ABC Afternoon Special in movie format.  How can you beat “It’s Alright to Cry?”  You can’t.  You just can’t. Go to and click the link for it under “New and Noteable” right below the link to That Girl episodes.  You can also go… Read more →