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Yahoo! You Witness News

Saw this on my friend, Groovehouse’s website.  Yahoo! has apparently launched the BETA version of it’s new You Witness news website that allows internet users who witness news in action to upload photos, videos and text realating to the news story.  It’s an interesting idea that works on Web 2.0 principals.  Since Yahoo! already owns Flickr, this makes sense for… Read more →

Netflix CEO Illustrates Corporate Website Problem

I was watching 60 Minutes tonight and their story on Reed Hastings, CEO of online DVD rental company Netflix, and there was an interesting moment that identifies a real problem with corporate websites – finding contact information. As someone who has co-owned a web development company since 2001, I have seen the internet change dramatically in a short period of… Read more →

Is That All It Takes? (Britney Spears)

So, I’m checking on my stats, being vain and all that, and I note that yesterday I had a MASSIVE surge in visitors to my website – like 4 times the average. I immediately clicked on my refer list to see where everyone was coming from and I got this: Spears Photo britney spears photos photos… Read more →

Online Karaoke: Beat It!

According to Stereogum, there is this cool weird unfortunate website called that allows you to sing karaoke-style with your favorite songs and even, God help us, record your own versions and put them online in what is clearly an attempt to test a new torture device for enemy combatants on unsuspecting web surfers. Case. In. Point. Read more →