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Spreading Some Christmas TV Cheer

You ever thought, “Damnit, I wish I hadn’t missed A Charlie Brown Christmas.  My Tivo broke and I’m going to have to heave it out the windo, I’m so pissed.  All it had to do was record Charlie freaking Brown!  I hate technology!!!” Much like Scrooge and Christmas, you didn’t miss it no matter how many “spirits” visited you last… Read more →

American Music Awards = Suckitude

Another lame awards show, another waste of time. Some observations from the 2006 AMA’s: It’s pretty bad when Lionel Ritchie re-hashing a hit from 20 years ago (OUTRAGEOUS!) trumps virtually every other performer. Memo to artists everywhere: a good song performed by a great singer with a killer band is ALWAYS a good thing no matter how old the song… Read more →

Obsession by Fox News

No, not a haunting and seductive fragrance but the stench of fear. This weekend, join host E.D. Hill as FOX News examines, “Obsession: The Threat of Radical Islam.” They are the most vital questions of our time: How deadly is the Islamic terror threat to the world and especially to the United States? Do terrorists really want to destroy our… Read more →

Gee, This Guy Looks Familiar

Newscaster: A serial rapist in the area has been descibed to police by victims as an African American male in his 30’s…uh…with a moustache and…um…well…broad shoulders. Hmmmm… As you can see from…uh…this artist rendering…. Um, ok, the police are requesting that anyone with leads please contact them. If you see anyone that, uh, matches this description or…um…resembles this sketch…er… I… Read more →