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Yao Ming Brand Tampons and Disposable Underwear?

I guess anything is possible. A man in southern China has applied to register a line of women’s sanitary products under the name of Chinese basketball star Yao Ming, state media said on Friday. “This kind of registration is obviously malicious,” Xinhua news agency quoted “Team Yao” spokesman Lu Hao, as saying. “It’s unbelievable that someone could do such a… Read more →

Now, THAT is How You Play Ball!

Ok, so it wasn’t quite as fun as this facial that Tracy McGrady put on Shawn Bradley during the playoffs two seasons back, but the Rockets put their beat down on the Mavs tonight beating them by 30+. I’ve seen predictions that range from them winning a title to them not making the playoffs.  Until they start stringing together wins,… Read more →

Spencer Tillman in Preseason

Former Houston Oiler running back turned color commentator Spencer Tillman has been working the Texans games in preseason. Well, he must be working his way towards mid-season form (he does college games and will be on channel 13’s Sunday night Texans show) because he pulled this little simile out of his back pocket TWICE in tonight’s Texans game against Tampa… Read more →