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Blessings in Disguise

As some of you know, the recording session orange is in had been planning for months was cancelled about an hour before we were supposed to set up. As a result, we made the determination that we could afford to record at Sugar Hill Studios, the place we were going to mix anyway. I met today with Josh Applebee and… Read more →

Weekend-Long Recording Session Ahead

My band orange is in goes into the studio this weekend to lay down tracks for our first full-length CD. We’re tracking drums, bass and, hopefully, acoustic guitar Saturday and Sunday with setup Friday night. I’m looking forward to doing this and hearing the end result. We’re expecting the entire process to require three studios, one mastering room and probably… Read more →

Putting the Finishing Touches on “Snacks”

After a couple months of delays, we got back to finishing up the first EP for orange is in, entitled “Snacks.” Yesterday represented the final day of recording, thankfully. Recording Snacks has been an interesting experience. Just like the EP for Slapshifter, demo-lition, it was all recorded in my guitar player’s studio. And, like Slapshifter, Chris did a great job… Read more →

More Tracking for Peter

Spent about 3 hours or so in the studio yesterday tracking more acoustic guitars with Peter. Had a good day of recording and reflecting on some changes that need to be made… Unfortunately, one of those changes is replacing the drums on one track. It isn’t that the performance was terrible or that we couldn’t probably fix it with some… Read more →

Recording Rehearsals

Since I started playing in bands years ago, there has always been the need to make “work tapes” during rehearsals. Normally, you just use some crappy little cassette player and lived with the horror… But, I think I’ve found a better way. George (the singer in orange is in) has a nice CD burner with XLR (mic cable) jacks on… Read more →