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Obsession by Fox News

No, not a haunting and seductive fragrance but the stench of fear. This weekend, join host E.D. Hill as FOX News examines, “Obsession: The Threat of Radical Islam.” They are the most vital questions of our time: How deadly is the Islamic terror threat to the world and especially to the United States? Do terrorists really want to destroy our… Read more →

All the Wrong Reasons

I get really confused by things like this. President Bush is sending thousands of national guard troops to “secure the border” with Mexico. Ok, I’m not a fan of this strategy, but I’m not going on that rant here. What confuses the hell out of me are statements like this… President Bush is sending thousands of National Guard troops to… Read more →

Voting Madness About to Begin

I’m not an overly political guy at least when it comes to national politics. I find the machinations of local politics infinitely more fascinating than big national elections because they tend to avoid partisianship and have better overall personalities, but this year is interesting. If you know me, you know I’m basically a bleeding heart liberal. I have conservative and… Read more →