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My Top 10 Photos of 2009

Another year, come and gone. Like most years, I decided to recap what was my year in photos. For me, this was a year of changing directions in photography. Instead of things like weddings and skylines, there were portraits, concerts, events and food. I took a lot of shots for the Houston Press, for which I am quite thankful, and… Read more →

Galveston Post Ike

Recently, I made my first trip to Galveston since Hurricane Ike hit and I was surprised at how much was still left to be done. I really only visited the seawall and the Strand area, but both were deserted and the seawall did not look like the sewall I remembered. Gone were the piers and souvenir shops. Only a handful… Read more →

Downtown Houston at Night

I love shooting photos at night. There is something really interesting about how everything looks when shot in glimmer of night lighting with long exposure. Katya and I went downtown for a bit tonight and walked along Buffalo Bayou under Interstate 45. The result was a batch of interesting shots including one black and white – something I have rarely… Read more →

Suck It 2008 Party Photos

With the new blog and the new year, I promised myself I would use the blog to post more of my own favorite photos with some basic information on them if for no other reason than just to document what I had done throughout the year. No better time to start than now. Some friends of mine and I planned… Read more →