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Candidates in Support of the Music Scene?

I was reading Off the Kuff and saw this link to John Nova Lomax of the Houston Press and his article suggesting that the gentrification of neighborhoods like Montrose and the Washington Avenue Corridor are to blame for the loss of clubs like Helios and Mary Jane’s.  He’s right of course, but his suggestion is to fight the system by… Read more →

Online Karaoke: Beat It!

According to Stereogum, there is this cool weird unfortunate website called that allows you to sing karaoke-style with your favorite songs and even, God help us, record your own versions and put them online in what is clearly an attempt to test a new torture device for enemy combatants on unsuspecting web surfers. Case. In. Point. Read more →

Band Name or Comfortable Footwear?

Freudian Slippers The name is brilliant and, as a gift, these would cause at least 100 laughs before they were thrown into the back of the closet never to be seen again. Wearing Freud on my feet brings me concern about the fetish-like quality of these slippers, comedy aside.  Sticking my toes into the back of the head of the… Read more →