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It’s NOT Free Damnit!

Those of you who read my blog regularly (yes, BOTH of you!) know that I really don’t care for lack of truth in advertising. I don’t like it when advertisers pander to people watching/listening/reading and I really don’t like it when they say things to grab my interest that aren’t actually true. Case in point – Free Credit Report dot… Read more →

All You Need is…Debt?

Commercials are annoying as it is. Some can be mildly amusing. Others are just plain stupid. The one I saw tonight was neither. It was just freaking annoying. Chase Bank whipped out a new credit card commercial complete with pictures of joyus families whirling in circles of cash-filled bliss while businesses continued to whir smoothly along flush with funds all… Read more →

Bourbon = Classy

I don’t know if Wild Turkey is hard up for business or what, but they have started a marketing campaign recently that confuses the hell out of me. I’ve heard maybe a half dozen radio ads for the bourbon recently and all of them act as if bourbon is like soda or something. One has a bunch of guys sitting… Read more →

Bank Wal-Mart???

Apparently, destroying mom and pop businesses, forcing the music business to turn out sterilized versions of music and underpaying and underinsuring employees while standing between them and any chance of unionizing just wasn’t enough for America’s biggest retail chain Wal-Mart. No, now they want to have their own bank. Yeah, that’s a GREAT idea. Wal-Mart says consumers and retail banks… Read more →

Top 10 Things I Learned From Watching CNN Today

I learned a lot of things watching the disaster – or as Michael might put it, the “nightmare, horrifying nightmare” – that was the conclusion of the Michael Jackson child molestation trial today. Besides learning that Wolf Blitzer isn’t just a catchy name, it’s also a tempting fragrance, here are the ten things came to mind… 10. “The judge is… Read more →

DIE! or Why I Hate Morning DJ’s

There is very little that is appealing about the radio any more. Whether it is Clear Channel monopolizing and homogonizing the industry or the constant repeating of the same 100 songs over and over, commercial radio sucks. But, one aspect of radio is particularly annoying to me – morning, drive-time dj’s. This morning, I read the earth-shattering news that Sam… Read more →