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My Grammy Moment

Yes, I Twittered the Grammys last night (where were you, non-nerd?). As usual, NARAS provided me with a plethora (and, yes, I DO know what that word means) of material. There were Katy Perry’s melons. I’m talking about her fruit-designed set, perv, not her lovely, cleavagy bosom. Ahem. The whole set looked like a giant Carmen Miranda had heaved fruit… Read more →

The Boss Was Just Like Me, Only Talented and Cool

I’m rockin’ the suburbs, Just like Michael Jackson did. I’m rockin’ the suburbs, Except that he was talented. Yesterday, Bruce Springsteen played the halftime show of the Super Bowl. Even for him, this was probably the biggest audience he’ll ever play for if you include all the millions of people watching on television. After much debate online about the songs… Read more →

My iPod Responds

Just got this from my iPod in response to the letter I wrote it. Sigh. Jeff, What did you think would happen? I mean, you go from playing me very rarely to nearly 32 hours non-stop on your trip to Iowa and playing jazz in the subway in New York to nothing again to now back on the jogging trail.… Read more →

Open Letter to My iPod

Dear iPod, Hey, buddy. This may seem a little weird what with the fact that you are sitting next to me on the chair. You’re probably all, “Dude, what are you doing? I’m right HERE!!!” But, see, iPod, that’s the problem. I feel like you don’t know me anymore – like there is this great distance between us and I’m… Read more →