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American Music Awards = Suckitude

Another lame awards show, another waste of time. Some observations from the 2006 AMA’s: It’s pretty bad when Lionel Ritchie re-hashing a hit from 20 years ago (OUTRAGEOUS!) trumps virtually every other performer. Memo to artists everywhere: a good song performed by a great singer with a killer band is ALWAYS a good thing no matter how old the song… Read more →

Candidates in Support of the Music Scene?

I was reading Off the Kuff and saw this link to John Nova Lomax of the Houston Press and his article suggesting that the gentrification of neighborhoods like Montrose and the Washington Avenue Corridor are to blame for the loss of clubs like Helios and Mary Jane’s.  He’s right of course, but his suggestion is to fight the system by… Read more →

What’s Next, Metallica Brand Toilet Paper?

There is an episode of the Simpsons where a large number of Krusty the Clown brand items are described or shown. These include but are not limited to the following (that was for my attorneys) Krusty Brand Non-Toxic Kologne Krusty Brand Sulfuric Acid Krusty Brand Hand Guns Krusty Brand Lady Krusty Mustache Remover System Krusty Brand Home Pregnancy Test Krusty… Read more →

It’s The Mostest Scariestest Timest of the Yearest

Well, it’s the holiday season again. Today is Halloween after all, so it is fitting that I terrify you beyond the ability for rational thought. No, this isn’t a review of Saw III or some crazy story about how hot porn ghosts have their way with you on Halloween night if you’ve been naughty rather than nice (that actually happens,… Read more →