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You Know You’re Somebody When You’re on Ebay

I remember the first time I went into Half Price Books and found a copy of a CD I had played on in the used bin. This is one of those milestones as a musician. Others include: Hearing yourself on the radio Reading a review in a publication Seeing yourself on television Reading about yourself in a gossip column Reading… Read more →

American Music Awards = Suckitude

Another lame awards show, another waste of time. Some observations from the 2006 AMA’s: It’s pretty bad when Lionel Ritchie re-hashing a hit from 20 years ago (OUTRAGEOUS!) trumps virtually every other performer. Memo to artists everywhere: a good song performed by a great singer with a killer band is ALWAYS a good thing no matter how old the song… Read more →

In the Midnight Hour, She Cried Ho Ho Ho!

What is the deal with all the holiday album silliness? We’ve had the Twisted Sister abomination to go along with others including Sufjan Stevens, Aimee Mann, James Taylor, Robin Gibb, Brad Paisley and more predictable fare. Now, a Billy Idol Christmas album? It’s true. I’m not sure what scares me more about this, but I’ll list the top 3 possibilities… Read more →