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Really CNN? Complaining About Twitter?

There was a lot of craziness on Twitter yesterday and the internet in general with regard to the dreaded swine flu outbreak of 2009. I read that the swine flu literally turns people into human/pig hybrids that allow them to hoof across the globe looking for slop…and love. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I do know that the… Read more →

Plane Crashes 2.0

Many of you probably read all about the plane that skidded off the runway in Denver bound for Houston last month. If you follow Twitter, you may have seen the passenger who Twittered about it immediately after. The immediacy of the internet demonstrated in all its glory. Today, a US Airways plane crash landed into the Hudson River. Fortunately, like… Read more → Flash Ads Suck

There are few things more annoying than advertisements on websites, none moreso than ads that inhibit your ability to view content. The Houston Chronicle website is fantastic and forward-thinking in many ways, but advertising is not one of them. Exhibit A While I’m sure Macy’s wants to get everyone’s attention now that they’ve announced they are closing a bunch of… Read more →