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Birthday Week (?) Itinerary

So, I’m turning 40 this week (on Thursday). Four decades on the planet earth is weird, but fine. As Paul Rudd said in 40 Year-Old Virgin, “Forty is the new twenty.” Um, ok. Anyway, I’ve noticed a trend of people having a birthday “week” where they celebrate for an entire week with dinners, lunches, parties, etc. I’m clearing a decade… Read more →

Update on TheFuzzball

Some of you will read this and go WTF? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just move along. For those who know Tracy (aka @TheFuzzball on Twitter), you may or may not know she has been in the hospital since Sunday night suffering from a very serious ear infection that spread into the soft tissue of her face… Read more →

Nine Things in ’09

“Tear up that calendar you bought. Throw the pieces to the sky. Confetti fallin’ down like rain, Like a parade to usher in your life.” I’m not big on resolutions for the new year. I don’t like making promises about things when I have no clue what is coming. I couldn’t guess that last year would be so crazy and… Read more →