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Every Kid Wants One This Christmas

Forget the Wii. No need for the PS3. Ignore iPod’s and Barbies and educational toys. Walk right past the clothing and tennis shoes. This Christmas, all the cool kids want the Dr. Laura action figure. Dr. Laura is not only one of the most popular radio personalities in America, she is also a best selling author of 14 books, including… Read more →

Now the Carpet Can Match the Drapes

I really wish I could make this crap up. If I could, I’d be wealthier or funnier, probably just funnier, but who knows? Seriously, this is damn funny. Pubic hair coloring…I’m not kidding. If you think a brown betty is an apple tart, you may not want to read further. That’s not the meaning ascribed by Betty Beauty, a New… Read more →

Band Name or Comfortable Footwear?

Freudian Slippers The name is brilliant and, as a gift, these would cause at least 100 laughs before they were thrown into the back of the closet never to be seen again. Wearing Freud on my feet brings me concern about the fetish-like quality of these slippers, comedy aside.  Sticking my toes into the back of the head of the… Read more →

Yao Ming Brand Tampons and Disposable Underwear?

I guess anything is possible. A man in southern China has applied to register a line of women’s sanitary products under the name of Chinese basketball star Yao Ming, state media said on Friday. “This kind of registration is obviously malicious,” Xinhua news agency quoted “Team Yao” spokesman Lu Hao, as saying. “It’s unbelievable that someone could do such a… Read more →

Marriage Suck? Have an Affair…Online

I fully believe that sex has contributed to both the advancement of and the deterioration of the internet. On the advancement side, there is no question that technology has sped up to meet the demand of porn freaks. I once heard that if you removed porn and spam from the internet, you would increase everyone’s connectivity speed by 200 percent.… Read more →

When Size Really Matters, Count on Wonderjocks

Ok, what the hell is wrong with men?  Good grief, I wonder about my gender sometimes and our weak ass attempts to attract the opposite sex.  There are catcalls, which always work since women regularly maul construction workers, cheesy lines, the obvious lying and now this. Size really does count, just ask Australian underwear maker AussieBum which has just launched… Read more →