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Crappy Weingarten Strikes Again

You know something?  Weingarten Realty is really starting to piss me off.  Houston is already known around the country as a sprawling hellhole full of nothing but run-down strip malls and all-too-common strip clubs.  Weingarten and its ilk prosper from the growth of strip malls and help to slowly destroy any sense of uniqueness the city may posses. First, it… Read more →

Dickens is Apparently Everywhere

It was the best of holidays.  It was the worst of holidays.  In Charles Dickens’ time, street waifs begged for crumbs of bread and bootblacks were as common as gruel.  How is it that we transformed the Dickensian nightmare into an annual holiday event of fun and frivolity?  Easy…we pretend. Frankly, that’s fine with me because this isn’t 19th century… Read more →

Houston Rock Clubs Dropping Like Flies

Sidecar Pub is closing and Walter’s is on the brink. Helios is done and Mary Jane’s has been gone. In reality, that leaves Continental Club, Rudyard’s, the Proletariat, Dan Electro’s and Last Concert Cafe as the only remaining live, original music venues in Houston that still cater to local rock bands. Even that is a stretch considering Dan’s is mostly… Read more →