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Spreading Some Christmas TV Cheer

You ever thought, “Damnit, I wish I hadn’t missed A Charlie Brown Christmas.  My Tivo broke and I’m going to have to heave it out the windo, I’m so pissed.  All it had to do was record Charlie freaking Brown!  I hate technology!!!” Much like Scrooge and Christmas, you didn’t miss it no matter how many “spirits” visited you last… Read more → Naughty Holiday Limerick Competition

Who isn’t a fan of a good naughty limerick? You know limericks, right? “There once was a man from Nantucket…” has not only made Nantucket famous for something other than killer sharks and quaint seaside resorts, but made that guy the envy of many strange and odd guys throughout the world. Anyway, is sponsoring a Naughty Holiday Limerick Competition… Read more →

Really, Really Big Stuff for the Holidays

You have this relative that is really hard to buy for, right? She’s very picky. She is never satisfied. But, if there is one thing you know, it is that she likes her gifts to be BIG…really BIG! Do I have the online store for you. Welcome to, the store for crazy oversized crap that you’ll never need, but… Read more →

Janice Dickinson: 12 Days of Terror…er…Christmas

Yeah, THAT Janice Dickinson, the frightening, overly-botoxed, self-proclaimed first American tranny supermodel. He It She sings…if you can call it that. I listened and got the lyrics so you don’t have to go through the pain…and it was painful. You should thank me. Better yet, buy me presents. Fledgling modeling agency. Two giant breasts. Three former husbands. Four Italian suits.… Read more →

Dickens is Apparently Everywhere

It was the best of holidays.  It was the worst of holidays.  In Charles Dickens’ time, street waifs begged for crumbs of bread and bootblacks were as common as gruel.  How is it that we transformed the Dickensian nightmare into an annual holiday event of fun and frivolity?  Easy…we pretend. Frankly, that’s fine with me because this isn’t 19th century… Read more →