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I Sincerely Hope This is Never One of My Long-Sought Goals

I saw this on the front page of the Houston Chronicle today and it made me think. I completely understand the fact that war is insane and I’m not placing judgement on anyone’s actions whatsoever. I just see this as one of those headlines that, in context, makes sense, but in normal everyday conversation sounds really odd. Most people’s personal… Read more →

The Number of the Beast

OMG, next week is June 6, 2006. You know what that is, right? 6/6/6 AAAAAAHHHHH…But, before you “Run to the Hills,” here’s a little Iron Maiden in tribute: Woe to you Oh Earth and Seafor the Devil sends the beast with wrathbecause he knows the time is shortLet him who hath understandingreckon the number of the beastfor it is a… Read more →

Hey, It’s a Brand New Blog!

Ok, kids, it’s time for a brand new blog. Woot! Powered by Simple PHP Blog (a kick ass program), this is it. Just for reference, most things are the same, but there are a few additions to note. First, for those interested, my RSS feed is back up and working, so, add away. Second, you’ll note that the links at… Read more →