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Pet Evacuation Bill on the President’s Desk

Hey, how’s this for a change? It’s some good news out of Washington! This might be the first time that has happened since…er…well…EVER! Lisa Foronda’s wonderful Animal Attraction blog is reporting that a bill has passed both houses and is set to be signed by the President that would protect pets during evacuations like we witnessed during Hurricane Katrina and… Read more →

KHOU’s Lisa Foronda Helping with Katrina Victims’ Pets

Saw this one early today from one of the people who helps out with Mr. K’s animal shelter. My friend, Erin, sends out emails on dogs and cats from the shelter fairly often and I’ve been fortunate enough to help place some animals myself. Lisa Foronda, achorperson from Houston’s channel 11, is helping with foster caring for animals who are… Read more →