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Crappy Weingarten Strikes Again

You know something?  Weingarten Realty is really starting to piss me off.  Houston is already known around the country as a sprawling hellhole full of nothing but run-down strip malls and all-too-common strip clubs.  Weingarten and its ilk prosper from the growth of strip malls and help to slowly destroy any sense of uniqueness the city may posses. First, it… Read more →

Will the Pink Flamingo Make it to 50?

The plastic, pink flamingo. Where would we be without cheesy lawn art built almost exclusively for Floridians and practical jokers? Lost, I tell you, LOST! Unfortunately, it looks like that could happen now that the plant that manufactures them is closing!!! NO!!! Union Products Inc. stopped producing flamingos and other lawn ornaments at its Leominster factory in June, and is… Read more →