Can Anybody Spare $236.50?

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You know, I understand fines and I get that when you park in the wrong spot, bad things happen, but DAYUMN!!! I park in the same spot I’ve always parked in Friday and my truck got towed. Ok, dumb mistake. My bad. But, $171.50 for the tow and another $65 for a parking ticket???

Yeowch!!! Well, so much for the birthday money.

First, a VERY special thanks to Rebecca for driving me down to rescue my vehicle Saturday morning. Not exactly the most fun way to start a 36th birthday, but we at least made the drive fun! 🙂

Second, that tow place was hilarious. There was some girl behind this glass window repeating EXACTLY the same thing over and over and looking completely and totally bored by the entire process.

Finally, I know my truck wasn’t out there more than an hour before the ticket and the tow because a friend was parked right behind me until 12:30am and got no ticket and was not towed. That tells me that both the cop AND the tow truck came within minutes of one another.

Shouldn’t they give you at least SOME time between the two to move your car? From what I can tell, I probably got towed around 1am. I went outside to my truck at 1:30am. So, in less than an hour, someone stopped and gave me a ticket and a towtruck showed up and dragged off my vehicle.

The $65 would have been enough to keep me out of there next time AND get my truck moved. I didn’t need the rest.

Oh, well. Live and learn. So, next time you are at Rudyard’s, do NOT park on the side on Indiana street and if you use the load out door, keep your hazard lights on and only stay there while loading. Period!

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