Build Your Phone…from Legos

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Lego PhoneIf you want to get your friend (not me) a truly odd and unique kitchy gift this holiday season (and who doesn’t?), why not the Lego Phone?  Well, actually, I can think of a lot of reasons why not, but that isn’t the point here.

You too can own this telephone made completely of Legos.  Why?  Hmmm…interesting question.  I guess it would be like asking, “Why would you want to own that Weebles Goldilocks Adventure Cottage?”  I mean, if you have to ask…

Personally, I’d rather have a phone made from an Erector Set or like real phone components, but I guess I’m just not “hip” or “groovy” like other “with it” people.

Seen on Shallow and Tacky.

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